Self-compassionate, trauma-informed journalling classes. Combining therapeutic writing, art journaling & creative writing to help you develop your own organic journalling practice & wellbeing.

Introducing Creative Therapeutic Journalling™ — a self-compassionate, trauma-informed journalling style pioneered by wellness provocateur and dedicated journaller, Grace Quantock.

It combines therapeutic writing, art journaling, structured and free-writing journalling styles to help you develop your own organic journalling practice. Creative Therapeutic Journalling™ offers you a self-compassionate space you can access at any time. It’s a safe space where you can practice being more and more fully you.

Grace Quantock is a psychotherapeutic counsellor, writer and trainer. She has trained in workshop leadership with best-selling author and workshop leader Jennifer Louden. Grace’s journalling practice has helped carry her through serious illness, grief, and pain. Grace has studied therapeutic art; her practice is inspired by the work of Marion Woodman, Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Marlene Schiwy, Aviva Gold, and Cathy Malchiodi.

How can journaling help me?
Journaling can help us:

Find a safe space to contain our emotions
Figure out decisions, practising discernment
Discover our voice and what is truly ours
Notice painful dynamics or patterns in which we are struggling
Create in a way that feels contained
Weed out the ideas and fears that are pushed upon us
Recognise where and how we need support
Practice mindfulness in a grounded, embodied way
Bring a writing practice into our self-care practice
Cope with a busy life and busy mind
Manage medical appointments and new information
Resource ourselves after depleting times
Develop an accessible daily creative practice
…and so much more.

Therapeutic Art Journalling™ is like a cup of good coffee with a friend who really gets you, but it’s available anywhere, any time. Even at 3am.

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